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Dr. Brook is amazing at what she does! She helped me recover from some serious hip/SI joint pain and back discomfort during my pregnancy. She also got my body aligned and prepared for a natural birth. Going to see her is always a pleasure as she is friendly and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!
— R. C

Dr. Brook is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to and her services were enormously helpful for the back & hip pain I experienced with my second pregnancy. (And she was pregnant herself during that time - our sons were due within a few weeks of each other!) I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Autumn R.
Dr. Brook was my chiropractor throughout my recent pregnancy and she was amazing to work with! I’ve never been to a chiropractor before but Dr. Brook took the time to explain what was going on with my changing body and joints and gave me exercises each week to help with my adjustments. I very much appreciated her calm, friendly demeanor and always felt better after a session. I had an unmedicated birth and going to Dr. Brook was part of my prep.
— C.D.
Dr. Brook is absolutely amazing! She is such a calm and comforting presence. I do not know how we would have been able to get through my pregnancy and labor without her! My midwives Elizabeth Bachner & Tiffany Adler-Gallo recommended me to her after I was having trouble with my pelvis going haywire at 7.5 months. She did wonderful house visits and taught me how to do exercises that prepared me for birthing. Her energy was always so sweet and loving.
I ended up having a long 30 hour labor and it would have been way longer if it weren’t for Brook coming to the rescue on an extremely short notice. After her adjustment everything started moving along so much faster. She stayed until our son was delivered into the wee hours of the morning! She went above and beyond her services to make sure that we were okay.
I also had issues with my coccyx bone postpartum and I was able to come to her several times at the Gracefull Birth Center to get adjusted. She turned an extremely painful situation (couldn’t sit or stand for more than 15 minutes!) into a patience filled beautiful recovery. I am so happy that she and the midwives at Gracefull will forever be a part of my pregnancy and our birthing journey. I had the ultimate birthing experience and could not have done it without their loving support, wisdom and knowledge!
— K.H.

I had trouble getting out of bed post-partum, but Brook’s expert hands ensured that my body healed in correct alignment. She is the best chiropractor - and I’ve been to quite a few (thanks to LA traffic)! Very knowledgeable and professional, Dr. Brook explains everything in detail so you can maintain and continue your progress.
— Caroline D.
Right around the start of my third trimester running and even walking started to become painful. Dr. Brook figured out what was going on right away and helped me to keep moving for the rest of my pregnancy. She not only made me feel great at each visit but helped me maintain this feeling during the week with exercises I could do at home and at work. I still find myself doing her exercises five months postpartum after a long day of sitting. Best of all, Dr. Brook is fun to talk to - making appointments more like going to see a friend than going to a doctor’s office.
— Emily B.
Dr. Brook is incredible. My second baby turned breach two separate times during my pregnancy and I attribute her turning before labor to Brook. She is so knowledgable and her work is incredible. Best chiropractor I’ve ever been to.
— Samantha H.
Dr. Brook Merkel was a true godsend during my pregnancy. I started seeing her around my 7th month when I started having sciatic nerve pain. I stumbled into her office barely able to walk & she almost immediately made my sciatica go away. She really is so gifted in her field & a true joy to work with. I continued seeing her for the rest of my pregnancy & she made a huge difference in my mobility and comfort level during the end of my pregnancy. She even came & adjusted me while I was in labor. The 2 biggest recommendations that I give to pregnant women during their pregnancy is go to a prenatal chiropractor & do prenatal yoga. They will both make a huge difference in your pregnancy & in preparing your body for labor. Hands down Dr Brook Merkel is the best prenatal chiropractor around. Absolutely love her & am incredibly grateful for her healing hands.
— Kate B.
Brook was such a life saver for me! I had a repetitive use injury to my shoulder that was making it hard to nurse my son. After just one session I felt SO much better. Many sessions later it was gone. She is more than a chiropractor, she really helped me understand was was going on, gave me exercises to strengthen it and ways to prevent further injury. Best of all her calm and patience and flexibility made it possible to bring my toddler son and let him occupy himself in her office while she treated me. I don’t know anywhere else where I would have felt comfortable enough to do that. What a graceful healer!
— S. B.