Chiropractic and Pregnancy


Prenatal Chiropractic 

Pregnancy and chiropractic go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, milk and cookies. Chiropractic care is an important component of birth preparation. Supporting the body during pregnancy helps to facilitate a smoother process making the duration of your pregnancy more comfortable, and therefore more enjoyable. In order to really understand how chiropractic can support a more comfortable pregnancy and more efficient labor, we need to take a look at the neuro-biomechanics throughout pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a time when the body goes through some pretty dramatic transitions. The musculoskeletal system and nervous system are working constantly to adapt to all of the structural changes that occur during pregnancy.  It is also a time where any muscle imbalances, previous injuries, poor postures, tend to be exacerbated. The growing belly can contribute to numerous biomechanical and postural adaptations while the hormone relaxin can lead to increased mobility in the joints causing pain. All of the physical and hormonal changes that take place can lead to things like low back pain, SI joint pain, headaches, coccyx pain, tenosynovitis of the wrist aka de Quervains.  

why is balance and mobility important?

The technique most commonly known for it's use during pregnancy is the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment for pregnant women. The analysis and technique focus on the function and balance of the sacrum and sacroiliac joints. The goal of the Webster technique is to promote proper mobility and balance of the pelvis. The alignment of the pelvis is extremely important to create enough room so that the baby can move into an optimal position for labor and birth. Aligning the the bony and soft tissue structures creates more space within the pelvis, kind of like loosening elastic that is too tight around your waist. Once you remove the restrictive elastic, you feel more comfortable and have more room to move! 

so what...

Dr. Brook is certified in the Webster Technique and incorporates this into all of her pregnant patients care. In addition, she provides recommendations on ergonomic positions, home exercises to promote proper positioning of the baby, functional movement/rehabilitation, uses kinesiotape to further support the body to help reduce pressure, pain, or discomfort, and provides nutrition support to further nurture a pregnant mom's body. We highly recommend every pregnant woman get checked by a practitioner who specializes in pregnancy to best prepare their body and mind for labor and delivery.